Friday, July 2, 2010


So, yesterday I went to various locales and events for Canada Day. BTW, this is an actual event in other places in this country, not a loose agglomeration of tepid foreigners with cheap, shitty Canadian flags and pins and huge cameras. Just a thought.

In any event, I chanced upon Buck 65 at Nathan Phillips Square (c'mon City Hall, would some grass to sit on be such a fucking hardship? You can carry the industrial motif too far y'know..), and while he was enjoyable and obviously working hard for the enjoyment of the lukewarm plebs, I was concerned at the ironic activities of the title sponsor. There was a tent titled the TD Friends of the Environment (I know, funny huh?) and a team of 'volunteers', mostly pimply teenagers being directed by a few TD employees (no doubt doing their 'corporate social responsibility' time). They had a really large banner, of the vinyl variety, perhaps twenty feet long, attached to a fence and were letting people paint on it with some sort of coloring. Then they took it into the only real grass at Nathan Phillips Square (the area fronting Queen) and washed it down with buckets of 'water' and dumped it into the grass! Nice!!! I only saw the once, but then it was late in the day. Wonder how often they'll do this during the Jazz Festival.

Real environmentally friendly. I'd just like to commend them for this incongruous, poorly planned planned activity. Way to live up to the name. Next time I need to 'launder' some money I know where to go.

Another reason to hate having to live here, and more justification why everyone who doesn't live here hates those of us who do.


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