Saturday, July 24, 2010

I never knew you could ruin a Grilled cheese sandwich. I guess you can!

Grilled cheese. This is a good thing. It's a classic. How can you ruin it? Toasted or friend bread with cheese inside. It's not hard to make and it's certainly not hard to ruin either. At least that's what I thought! But, leslieville cheese market managed to ruin it. $7 fucking dollars for a grilled cheese sandwich??!!?!! I figured that there would at least be some serious cheese oozing out of this sandwich. But no! It almost seemed like they used a craft singles slice of cheese between some really, REALLY thick pieces of bread, stuck it in a toaster oven, overcharge you and call it grilled cheese. They use "fancy" cheese which is probably how they justify charging you enough to buy a hunk of cheese and make at least half of dozen grilled sandwiches. They even have grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon, sausage and pear. Who the hell puts fruit in a grilled sandwich??!!?! Some nutty vegan?! If I were to give this leslieville cheese market a rating, I would give it -10 where 0="whatever", 10="fucking a!" and -10="what the fuck was I thinking?!!?"

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