Friday, July 9, 2010

Pilates Studios Reception

I have tonnes to say about pilates studios. I'm going to start with reception. I got the worst reception from this one studio. I went into to buy some stuff. I knew this place would have the stuff because they have all their merchandise online. So, I go there, ask the reception if they have what I'm looking for because I don't see it on display, a magic circle. She looks at me with this vacant look. It burdens her to check in the back. She finds it, brings it out and asks if I am interested in buying it. I say yes. But also say I am interested in some other items that I don't see on display for customers just samples. I want to try them all which aren't all on display and would like to talk to someone knowledgeable if she can't help me decide what to buy. You see I want to buy a large number and want to see what the produce is like. I want bands and toning balls of different tensions and weights. But of course they don't have a sample of each tension and weight for me to try. The receptionist has a hard to walking to the back to look for sample either. Heaven forbid I don't buy anything. BUT, it seems if I want to buy more than one of any item, I can't. How is that good for business? So, I buy one item, the first one..the magic circle. I ask for a bag. She says "We don't have any back that fit it." Well, I know this is not true. I bought one of these magic circles just over a year ago from the same place AND I was given a bag and the magic circle fit inside. Bunch of snots, pilates people. No wonder so many people get nothing out of pilates....they don't give much but attitude!

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