Monday, July 12, 2010

Are customers always right? I don't think so!

The customer is always right. Bullshit. I think there are some customers that take that statement to an extreme. So this one person calls wanting to try our service. No problem. We have an introductory special. She says she has sisters that would be interested as well. But she's booking an appointment just for herself at this point. A mid morning appointment on say Wednesday. She calls shortly after leaving a message saying her sister wants to join her but the appointment must not be early in the morning, 7:30am. Well, this is not an early morning day for me so I don't want to start quite that early, however I compromise and say 8am. She takes it, 8am wed. Wednesday comes, it's 7:30am and she calls telling me she's not coming at 8am because her sister can't make it so she's coming at mid morning for her original mid morning appointment. Very presumptuous of her that her mid morning appointment is still available. Fortunately for her, and unfortunately for us, it is. Her mid morning appointment time comes along and no client. She doesn't come until 20 mins later. She is still given her full hour long appointment because she's...well let's say considerably learning challenged. She then decides to come later in the week and try a group session and books a spot. No problem. Early that morning before her group class she calls and says she's not coming. A day later she calls wanting to make an appointment for her sister and herself. No problem. This time we know she's trouble and will probably be late if she shows at all. Sure enough she's not on time. We wait and then decide after 15mins she's not coming. Doors are locked, shop is closed and we go on with life. Phones are turned off as well. 30-45mins later messages are checked and sure enough there are calls from her and her sister and various others looking for us. Sure enough they were late and expected us to be there ready and waiting for them. We call back, ask if they'd like to reschedule. They say they've found another place to go for the same service. Good that poor business that has to deal with this lot!

This may be a side note but these people are foreign, live in a foreign country where educators, which they are, are respected, service people are always waiting around to service and the customer can come and go as they please and they are always right. Some people need to go back to their country and stop polluting this country with the worst of their culture. Respect for another person's time seems to be something that other parts of the world, in particular Asia, don't seem to hold as a value. Fucking asians!

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