Saturday, July 24, 2010

Big butted white women licorice thin black men?

Why are there so many half black/half white babies/children in this city? And why is it so many white, blubbery, fat, rolly, polly women end up with skinny, unhappy, black men as the fathers? What's with all these skinny black men sleeping with these big, butted white women? It would be one thing if they looked like a nice happy family but there doesn't seem to be any happiness there. YET, someone that one would associate with happiness occurred between then, at least for a minute for which there is a baby. I just can't figure out how the two people ended up together? I find it hard to believe that all these big butted white women with the little babies barely a couple of years old are just carrying extra pregnancy pounds. That must have been some pregnancy if they now have a but that rivals an IMAX movie screen! And why do these thing black men stick around? There are tonnes of losers out there who just leave and sherk their responsibilities. Are these licorice like black men now all of a sudden responsible and doing the right thing? What do these licorice like men see in these big butted women? Are they all chubby chasers? Or is the predator the but butted white woman cornering the poor licorice thin man? And these babies...they seem so...wild! Which side of the family does that come from? The big butted white side or the licorice thin man side? These babies seem both bouncy like the big butted white side and gangly from the licorice thin side. It's all too confusing for me. Maybe love really is blind!

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