Saturday, June 26, 2010

Extreme con artists

Everyone wants to be fit. Everyone wants to work out, loose weight, be thinner, run faster... And all those that don't want to be fit are claiming to be able to make you fit. There are so many boot camps! Those that give you the Best Body, those that target your Belly, those that are Body Busting, those that you do with your dog. There are others just for women, I'm sure there are boot camps just for kids. Then there are gyms. So many gyms. All with the usual equipment and classes and fees. Yes, those monthly fees that they just subtract out of your account. There are tonnes of studios out there. Studios for dance, yoga, pilates, martial arts...the list goes on. While most studios don't suck money out of your account yet they certainly don't have a problem overcharging you. Yoga classes are great, for them anyway. They get you to bring your own mat, cram you into a room like sardines, don't provide air conditioning and call it hot yoga. You loose tonnes...most of it water, the rest your money. The Pilates studios are different. If it's a mat class they're trying to do what the yogis do, make you provide your own mat, cram you into a room and get you to roll around on your little mat without bumping into anybody. This you can find just about anywhere...churches, gyms,.colleges, community centres, offices....all claiming to give you abs of steal at the end. Most people leave feeling nothing except a pain in the neck from holding their head up the entire time. BUT you got to a studio for Pilates and everything changes. Class sizes are limited, you pay a premium to use equipment and they make you pay outrageous prices to even start group classes. Tonnes to say about Pilates studios. That's another blog.

The only way you're going to loose any weight is by giving these fitness places all your money. I think people are better off sitting on their asses in front of the tv doing nothing. Less anxiety

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