Sunday, June 20, 2010

Davisville Psycho

There is this nutjob in Davisville that doesn't let anyone put up posters. Now, he'll put up posters but no one else. We put up some posters last year, along Davisville from Yonge St. to Mt. Pleasant. We thought it was great. Bare poles, buildings, people walking by, clean, nice neighbourhood. Later that night we get a message. Someone threatening to smash our skulls in if we ever poster there again. So what do we do, we poster there again! We were told it was this big guy, riding around on a scooter, who was into animation and such. And we kept our eyes open. We stuck up posters, starting at Mt. Pleasant. We walked towards Yonge on Davisville, sticking up posters on the bare poles, keeping an eye out. We didn't see anything. On our way back, posters seemed missing. Where we thought we put posters, there were none. We could have swore we stuck some up on that pole. We got in the car and sure enough we saw the culprit, in broad daylight, with a knife cutting posters off, clearing the streets of Davisville of posters. We tried confronting him and he just rushed off. Dr. Jamie of Dr. Jamie's Events is the psycho who leaves death threats on people answering machines if they stick up a poster on a public property in Davisville!

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  1. As someone who has been a long standing target of this man I would very much like to hear from you.