Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toronto Beaches Poster Nazis

Walking up and down Queen St. East in the Beaches in Toronto this evening I saw something horrible. I saw deliberate poster targeting. All the Best Body posters were ripped off. I was clear someone just walked by, going form pole to pole, ripping off the Best Body posters. At first I thought it was all posters that were targeted, but maybe not. Now I'm not fan of Boot Camps and they're popping up everywhere. I think there are way to many Boot Camps. But what I saw on the south west corner of Scarboro Beach and Queen St. East wasn't right. It was just plain wrong. There was a Best Body poster ripped off and under it was a Balmy Beach poster. But the Balmy Beach poster was not ripped off. Now why it that? I've been told that people in the Toronto Beaches don't like posters. Then why did this Toronto Beaches Poster Nazi not rip off the Balmy Beach poster? I wish had taken a picture. Next time. If I'm lucky, I'm going to take a picture of this Toronto Beaches Poster Nazi. People like you, Toronto Beaches Poster Nazi, lower the property value in a neighbourhood.

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