Friday, June 25, 2010

Bad hair

There is so much poor quality in Toronto. It's so hard to find anything that is truly good in Toronto. Whether it's a service or a commodity, it's hard to find something good. It just sucks. Everyone in this city is the best and has something to sell. It's both good and bad. Just anyone can stand on a street corner and sell something and someone out there will buy it. For example, there are so many hair salons and barbers out there. How do you find a person who can give yo a good hair cut? It's tough. You either let your hair grow down to your ankles, (there is an old man like that in the Beaches! He obviously has given up trying to find a good barber!) or you keep trying different salons out. Either they are too expensive or just really bad. Take that Fiorio Beauty Academy. Sure the price may be reasonable, $30 for a hair cut/style from one of their students. But, the next time you go there you end up with a different student cutting your hair. Which usually means a different hair cut. And then of course there is the bossy instructor who treats you, the client paying them, like a student bossing you around, telling you want you should be doing with your hair! It's your hair. Do whatever you want with it. They're there to listen to you and give you something you're happy with. Nevertheless, I'm quite unimpressed with the stylists they turn out. I still haven't found a good place. I've tried Yonge and Eglinton, Davisville, the Beaches and Greek Town. Still looking....

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