Friday, June 18, 2010

Postering in the Beaches Toronto

The beaches....fucked up neighbourhood in Toronto.

Bunch of inbred, white bred ass wipes that are all living in their little glass houses. I could go on about how I feel about the beaches but this blog is about postering. Let's start with postering in the beaches.

Belly bootcamp. No professional, postering courtesy at all. A pole, with one fucking poster on it. Plenty of space for tonnes of posters and what does Belly bootcamp do? They poster right over the one lone poster on the pole. Why? Makes no sense! You Belly bunch so desparate that you think the painters are going to take you business? Or the dog walker?!? You're not even subtle about Belly bootcamp! On a crowded pole, sure, it's all fair. Cover up the other posters. But when there is space on the pole, why cover up the posters that are there?

Besides, how many bootcamps do we need!!??!! That's another blog!

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