Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Craigslist Sucks!

Craigslist used to be so much fun. Now there are so many rules. It's such a pain in the ass. It's always the whiners who want things just so that get things their way ruining the fun for everyone else.

Can't over post. Can't post things like this or that. Who decides? There is no freedom of speach anymore! For example, the following "LOser List" was flagged. Why?!!?!!

You're not an alocoholic

you're not one of these fanatic smokers that will leave a girl you're with to go bum a cigarette

you're not homeless

you don't just require someone to gratify you with sex

you don't feel the only real women out there are those that are pregnant and/or have children

you don't go around doing lamaze with a pregnant women rather than spending time with the girl you claim is your girlfriend

you don't choose to drink all night with work colleagues every night instead of spending time with the girl that you're living with

you don't say no with the girl you're living with and sharing a bed with offers to have sex with you ever night, multiple times for a a start!

You're not stupid

You don't tell the girl you're with that her cooking would be better if it was done like this or that especially when she's buying the food and cooking it for you

you don't tell the girl that you're with that you find women that wear these shoes and those shoes more attractive and hot and sexy especially when the girl you're with doesn't have those clothes, can't afford then and YOU, the guy who likes that stuff, can't even offer to buy her the stuff especially when she's willing to try it if it's bought for her.

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