Sunday, August 1, 2010

Titika: Active wear for vacuous people

More overpriced, athletic clothing made by people that don't actually do any athletics. After the rise of lululemon everyone is a clothes designer of active wear for women. But this stuff is shit. The fabric is tough, the logo looks like it's a sticker and the stuff is made in a sweat shop in china somewhere. Sure they use nice bright colours but some of the designs, I don't know many people wearing stuff like that in a spinning class or running a marathon in it. All their models are vacuous and void of any substance. They also don't really take the older person into account. They also don't make clothing for men. Then again, who can really take a man seriously who wears lululemon or any other form of "active wear"? It's not just their clothing that leaves something to be desired or their pricing, which isn't really all that cheap. Their interpersonal and professional skills and courtesy with local businesses leaves a lot to be desired. They are not people of their word. They are dishonest, they forget, they take advantage of others using their "story" to get support and what they want. They use the "Beaches business handshake" to avoid committing to anything in writing and conveniently forgetting what they shook hands over. The one half decent thing about their stuff is that they put a rack outside of unsold items at a reduced price, not reduced enough, of course, but still reduced. They are smart enough to choose locations where real shops of active wear won't waste their time.

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